We assist the entire South Africa offering loans for blacklisted people ranging from 1 to 84 months repayment period. Our loans go up to the maximum of R100 000 and have affordable monthly premiums.

Blacklisted Loans Offered

We offer the following type of loans to all people including those who are itc blacklisted:

  • Consolidation loans
  • Personal loans
  • Garnished loans
  • Payday loans
  • Same day loans

Our blacklisted personal loans are designed to cater for people who might be garnished by their employers as well. For detailed loan information please visit our website

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Blacklisted online application


Blacklisted loans online application are normally a better option when you run into financial crisis and you need some kind of bail to get out of a situation. As much as loans are a better option, not all people qualify for a loan. Blacklisted people struggle to secure a personal loan. This is because banks are skeptical to issue these people with some form of credit.

Blacklisted Loans Options

Unsecured loans - unsecured loans are offered to people who are not so lucky to get financial assistance from the traditional institutions. One of the reasons banks do not consider loan application from blacklisted people is because of the level of risk they carry.

Banks consider blacklisted people as high risk because they might not be able to recover money offered as a loan. This does not mean that you will not get assistance at all. There is a growing number of creditors who are willing to offer loans to blacklisted people. This option makes life easier although the interest rate charged on this kind of a loan is a bit high.

There are two kinds of blacklisted loans that are often given as unsecured loans. These are normal personal loans and consolidation loan. What is the difference between these two kinds of loans?

A personal loan is given without considering the number of other loans you might have. It only takes affordability into consideration. So you are given a loan on basis of the information that you brought forward.

A consolidation loan is offered to people with full consideration of the fact that they might have other loans or financial commitments they must honour. The main aim of a consolidation loan is to help you pay your loans in one shop. All other creditors are paid in full by the creditor giving that consolidation loan.